Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Violette Liquidation Final Week!

Yes, sadly this is our final week of business. We just couldn't recover from the economic disaster of 2008. We are wondering where our bailout is? Since bailout is not forthcoming we will be drinking champagne and pondering our future on Friday at the store.

Now many of your have asked what I will do next.
Hmmm. Not sure , am open to suggestions, but here are a couple thoughts that have crossed my mind:

Slinging cocktails at the J & M ( sadly they too are now closed)

Chauffeur- might be a stretch as last year I backed into my
husbands car and took out a mailbox with my side mirror

Border Patrol Agent- Rats! just missed out on this as I am over the 40 year old age limit to apply- thought I might be good at this since I look sooo intimidating

Dog Walker- This also may not work since I was taken down by my 2 standard poodles in December on a walk- see previous post with injury photos

Yes, sadly this is what happens to an over 40 female college educated business owner in this blasted economy

If you have any suggestions , you may email me at
Also, stop by the store this week for fabulous deals- 70% off plus the $5 table or just to say hi!