Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow in Seattle!

Yes, I know for most of you this is not such a big deal , but we have major snow in Seattle. I have about 8 inches at my house... Yes we here in the Northwest rarely get snow so its a mess. Here are a couple of pics of my kids in the snow. Yes we are open at the store! I am snowed in but Cherisse will be there today. Everything is 25% off at the store - great savings on even the new arrivals .

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ouch- I am back at the store today!

Hi Eveyone-
For those of you wondering where I have been- I decided to get some excercise Thursday and took my 2 standard poodles , Rico and Hoss for a walk. About half way on our walk we encountered a fierce jack russell terrier type . Rico went after fierce dog- even though Rico is 10 times his size and I held onto his leash and went flying splat onto a gravel driveway. Ouch. So have been home nursing my wounds. I am back in the store today but will be moving slowly! Rico is staying home on the couch, pondering his misdeeds-onto business we got in another great Velvet order so stop by - and more of Angel Gehm's Kombat Clothing- If you are out of the area be sure to check out our online store where we have recently loaded more great cashmere merch!